The MallMaster by Computer Support Services, Inc. provides far more than the routine bookkeeping tasks. This accounting software accumulates and analyzes dealer and customer activity, helping mall operators with topics, like business profitability, marketing campaigns, and dealer productivity. All our products are customizable to meet the specific requirements of your organization. The MallMaster improves your bottom line.

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Quick Features

Beyond bookkeeping, antique mall accounting software must assist the mall operator in increasing sales volume and adding and retaining dealers. This software does both through data analysis and the use of state-of-the-art tools. Some other features of The MallMaster include:

• Automatic Emails To Dealers Showing Daily Sales
• Compare a Dealer's Sales for This Year To Last Year
• Dealer & Customer Activity Analysis Over Any Time Period
• Email and Mailing Label Generation for Customers

How To Download The Mall Master

Once the MallMaster software has downloaded, Click on the downloaded file, the install program will begin.  To login, use the User ID, "manager" and the Password, "manager". The demonstration program has the same features and capabilities of the registered version, but will expire 30 days from the installation date.  NOTE:  In some cases, especially when using Windows 10, you will get a warning message when you download the demonstartion program.  The message will be something like "Windows protected your PC"  and will state that the download is an unrecognized app.  Please ignore this, hit the "More Info" button and select "Run Anyway".  The message displays because the MallMaster program is not being recognized by Microsoft, the circumvention is to click the "Run Anyway" button.
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Pricing, Maintenance, & Support

When ready to purchase, you have the choice of a range of price options from The MallMaster Lite at $595 to the Enterprise package at $2,995. We have an Annual Maintenance Package that is 25 percent of the purchase price for unlimited phone support and product updates.