Simplifying Sales Entry With The MallMaster POS  Software

The MallMaster platform from Computer Support Services, Inc provides an unparalleled set of features for the antique mall owner owners. It includes small business accounting functions and graphical statistics that help you analyze business operations. The MallMaster also allows expedient communication with dealers and customers via email. This is a unique antique mall software product that fulfills the three critical functions of business bookkeeping, business analysis, and business communications. These functions are provided within an easy-to-learn-and-use framework.

MallMaster Features

There are many features of this POS software system. You can capture and maintain detailed information about customers, dealers, and inventory. An inventory is not required to use the MallMaster platform. It also supports layaways, allowing business owners to pay dealers as payments are collected or when the item is paid for in full. Antique mall owners can set variable rates for commissions, consignments, and sales tax. You can also adjust rates for credit card fees and other fees. Customer invoicing is easy and detailed with numerous report options and query capabilities, too. MallMaster software can be integrated with Microsoft Excel and Outlook Express. It also supports roll paper printers, receipt printers, and cash drawers. Other features include:

The MallMaster Logo and Small Businesses
• Built-In Data Backup & Restore Functionality
• Expanded Consignment Processing
• Gift Certificate Processing
• Global Discount Rate for Dealers That Have a Sale Period
• Import & Export Dealers, Customers, Inventory, & Sales Data
• Inventory Barcoding (Print & Read Bar Codes)
• Label Creator for Dealers & Customers
• Mall & Dealer Performance Tracking (Sales Statistics)
• Simple End Of Period Reporting With Dealer Check Writing
• Tracks Customer Interests for Marketing

To review all features of this small business accounting software, download our Demonstration Version.